Remembering Carmen Moshier


A Tribute to Carmen Moshier

CarmenCarmen’s life exemplified the messages in her songs, and White Hyacinths was one song she had a special fondness for. Her life experiences demonstrated the truth in her convictions, and were heartfelt expressions in “White Hyacinths” and also “Why Not Have It?” (song at bottom).
Carmen’s gift was in expressing the Universe’s unfolding prosperity, joy, peace and love. Aware-wholeness. Enlightenment. Timeless insights delivered with love through her music, was her gift to us.
I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen in Dallas, Texas, in the early/mid 1970s, while she and her husband, Bud Moshier, (they were both ordained Unity ministers) founded and conducted services at their Today Church.
Together, they delivered their weekly message and taught classes in Spiritual Awakening. Carmen delivering her message via her music in accompaniment to Bud’s delivery of the weekly Sunday service.
My own Spiritual Awakening stirred after reading Your Greatest Power by J. Martin Kohe. Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull fueled my quest. BUT, Bud’s messages created a sense of urgency, creating new pathways for my journey.
Carmen’s music fostered my understanding:
     • Empowering me to absorb the lessons and assimilate my awareness,
     • To extend my reach, continue my journey in seeking deeper understanding,
     • To internalize insights and be aware.
During one of our many conversations, I confided to Carmen how her music inspired and empowered me.  We discussed my experiences and that I wanted to somehow share it with others.  Carmen was delighted and excited and agreed with my vision of channeling her music to the world.
And so, this website was born.  I invite you to explore the site, experience Carmen’s message, perhaps share your memories, and purchase Carmen’s albums through the iTunes links.
Unfortunately, Carmen Moshier transitioned on January 3, 2012, and did not get to see my vision come to fruition. Nonetheless, her music continues to inspire, encourage and foster my journey.
Hopefully, her music will uplift you, inspire you, and encourage you as you journey on.
Carmen Moshier was my friend and mentor and is missed; but through her music, our connection continues!
Enjoy and ask yourself – Why not have it?